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Are you a Reluctant Writer?

Susan Rich, RichWriting

I can help you become a Rich Writer! 

Writing is a chore that never ends.

The Internet is hungry for content and if you want your business to be discovered, you must feed the beast.

It would be great to hire a writer, but it’s not in the budget. That puts you squarely in the DIY mode, where that frustrating cycle of Write or Die continues.

Make it stop.


Become a Rich Writer and spend less time writing.

You know you need to write about your business. Blogging, social media, website copy, online promotions, they’re all part of your Daily Do. But you didn’t start your business to write about it, you started it to make a difference. Writing is just one more roadblock to success.

What if you could write more quickly? What if you could harness your thoughts and create waves of content you could easily re-purpose? What if you only had to spend a few hours a month writing, and the rest of your time uploading fresh ideas?

What if becoming a Rich Writer made money and saved you money? Just think: you’d make money because you’d know how to write to sell…and you’d save money because you wouldn’t have to pay a writer’s fees. That’s an unbeatable combination.

What can Rich Writers do?

  • Write that blog post in record time.
  • Write in 140-character chunks.
  • Write website copy, sales letters, even your weekly newsletter.
  • Write for yourself, by yourself. You’ll even learn how to self-edit your work.

From Reluctant Writer to Rich Writer

  • Write to Sell.
  • Turn your target market into your buying market.
  • Convert contacts into clients and communication into cash. 

Write it Rich! shows you how.  

Each course is a stand-alone tutorial, which means key concepts are covered every time. Repetition is good for learning, plus it also helps you choose the program that is just right for you…and you won’t miss any of the good stuff from a previous lesson.

To update an old adage: I’m teaching you to fish, not put bait on the hook or find a sunny spot to sit.

Write it Rich! is budget-priced, self-paced, and includes a discount offer for some 1:1 consulting. This way I can answer specific questions you have about your words or how to market your business.

Here’s the truth: I want you to learn how to write, and write well.
You might never love it, but you will get better at it.
You won’t have to hire my services (unless you want to.)
I don’t want my phone to ring: I don’t want a text message that says, “Do this for me, please!” (But if you need an editor, ask.)

Five years ago, I pioneered this approach with job seekers. I know my process works because my phone doesn’t ring, except when job seekers call to tell me: I got the interview, I got the job, thanks to your book and audio talk.

Rich Writers can be business owners or job seekers.
Either way, you will… 

  • Save time,
  • Save money, and
  • Make money. 

I guarantee it (yep, we’re talking money back offer.)

Let’s get started.