Susan Rich Writes: What matters most to me.

Susan Rich

My name is Susan Rich: a born writer and journalist by training, I am endlessly curious about everything!

I finally decided to take the harness off and write about what appeals to me.

It’s a long list, so here’s what you can expect:

  • Domestic violence (I’m a survivor)
  • Bullying (abuse has to start somewhere)
  • Severing family ties (because it did, so I did)
  • Melanoma (I am at risk, thanks to an early love affair of sunshine and baby oil)
  • Cutting (not class, wish it was that benign)
  • Living gluten-free (it’s not a fad, nor is it a way to lose weight)
  • Gay Rights (I believe in love and rainbow sherbet)
  • Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia (the longer you live the more likely it is)
  • Elder care, elder abuse (most of us would never harm a baby, why then do we hurt our elderly?)
  • Fun stuff (like fashion, growing old gracefully and stupid things that make me happy or make me nuts)
  • Living Happily Ever After, with gratitude and joy (because, despite this list, I DO.)

But what about those hats? 

Susan Rich

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