I grew up feeling invisible,

Trying to get my parents’ attention. I have no doubt (to this day) that they loved me. They just couldn’t see who I was, who I was becoming.

I spent a lifetime running after them. Until I was 38. Then they chased me away.

That left me with… an identity crisis of epic proportions. If I was invisible to my parents — no matter how hard I tried — who would see me now?


Susan Rich, your IN-Visibility Expert

It took ten years. Today I am joyful, strong, confident. I’ve found my way to me, which is the best gift,  ever.

Now it’s my turn to help you: business owner, job seeker, author, writer — even you, Ever-Hopeful Joanna or Every-Day Joe.

So let’s get started.
What’s it gonna take to move you
from feeling invisible to being IN-Visibility?

Shameless Self-Promotion:
It’s not bragging if it’s true,
so let’s make IN-Visibility happen for YOU.

Susan Rich, IN-Visibility Expert

Words that get you seen—that’s how you go from feeling invisible to being IN-Visibility. I’ve got countless ideas on how we can make that happen, together.


IN-Visibility Expert, Pro Blogger,
Sketchy Artist, Speaker, Author

  • Journalism degree
  • 25+ years in print, PR and marketing
  • Avid blogger with more than 1 million words in print—and still counting.
  • Author of two books:
    • How to write a kick-butt resume cover letter
    • You! Famous Author
  • Plus a few very cool shorties:
    • Write it Rich! Tips for Reluctant Writers
    • 9 Reasons Why I Hate Your Website (and dozens of ways you can fix it)
    • Authors! Who is your target market?
    • How to be an internet radio superstar
    • And more… there’s always more…

I love reading, writing and editing. I get downright giddy in my Idea Refinery where I generate those high-impact, do-it-how, do-it-now ideas that generate IN-Visibility for business owners, job seekers and authors.

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