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Book + FREE Audio Recording: How to Write a Kick-Butt Resume Cover Letter


Buy now and use the coupon code KBCL to save $5 off the $15 cover price. You’ll also get an hour-long audio download with more tips and tricks and advice on how to write your own kick-butt resume cover letter. PS: Be sure to immediately save the PDF file to your computer. If you forget, please email me! 

End the job search. Get on with your life.

That’s where I come in.

My name is Susan Rich, author of the book: How to Write a Kick-Butt Resume Cover Letter.

I look at your job search through the eyes of a marketing expert. I am not a recruiter, nor am I an HR pro or a job coach. My background, my 25 years of experience, is about generating words that sell. I am an expert in

  • How to write persuasively.
  • How to connect with an audience and compel them to buy.

My know-how here is a perfect fit for you, job seeker, because your target audience IS the employer and YOU are for sale.  

What’s that, you say? Did I just say that YOU ARE FOR SALE?
Indeed I did.

Today’s cover letter is a sales letter and you–your education and training, skills and certificates–are for sale. You are a Product, and the Product of YOU has certain Features and Benefits.

Those are the attributes that you talk about in the resume, your cover letter, the interview.
Those words and phrases and Holy Grail ideas are what you use to end the job search…so you can get on with your life.   

Aren’t you tired of feeling stuck? 


Buy now and use the coupon code KBCL to save $5 off the $15 cover price. You’ll also get an hour-long audio download with more tips and tricks and advice on how to write your own kick-butt resume cover letter.  PS: Be sure to immediately save the PDF file to your computer. If you forget, please email me!

Today’s hiring success story is not some big magical secret.

I get tired of hearing come-ons that promise to share the ultimate secret to getting a job, to having your phone ring off the hook, to having companies pound on your door—in the middle of the night!—just to hire you.

Nope. Doesn’t work that way. Those kinds of online offers are a bunch of hooey, run by folks who make their money by taking yours.

And you don’t have that much to spare, am I right?

Here is what a winning job search IS NOT about:

  • Blasting your resume and cover letter to every company in town
  • Using some fill-in-the-blank template (do you really want to sound like everyone else? Isn’t that the problem you are trying to overcome?)
  • Nagging your contacts until they ignore your calls.

A winning job search is about presenting the benefits of choosing you.
That is why your cover letter is a sales letter. In effect it says: Do this, get that. OR, Hire me, get this benefit.

Today’s cover letter is about who you are, what you do, why it matters, how it helps, who it helps and why.
You are NOT a job seeker, you are a problem solver. Your cover letter is an opportunity to explain how you save time, make money, save money, how you grow the company’s bottom line. Why is this important? Because those are the issues your boss-to-be cares about. Those are the company’s overarching problems; those are what the hiring manager needs solved.

Tell your story–how you make these problems vanish–in your cover letter and resume. Do it well: Use vibrant language and compelling details. Practice saying it, so you excel in a phone or live interview. Now you are on your way to ending the job search (and getting on with the rest of your life!)

Sound good to you? Buy the book and let’s get started.

22 reviews for Book + FREE Audio Recording: How to Write a Kick-Butt Resume Cover Letter

  1. I think we may need to play the lottery before we have coffee! I have an interview tomorrow for a temporary position – and I used another cover letter based on your training session at Welldiggers. (This is beginning to be fun!) Know that I am thinking about you and that I will be smiling when I interview tomorrow at noon.

  2. I left Susan’s free workshop on writing kick but cover letters with a head brimming with a new viewpoints and so many concrete suggestings on custom crafting cover letters to effectively communicate my brand to potential clients.

    Susan, thank you so much!

  3. Susan has given her “How to write a Kick-Butt Cover Letter” presentation at the Hillsboro Chamber Job Seekers Support Network (JSSN). Both times were enthusiastically recieved and she spent time networking afterwards.

    Her presentation is fresh, focused, and enlightening. She moves it along while being open to questions along the way. I have purchased her book and find it most useful to expand on the ideas she presented to the group.

    She knows her stuff, smartly and deeply. She educates, wonderfully and expertly. She inspires, positively and with elan.

    What a treasure she is to those of us who are fortunate to glean the pearls in her presentions. I highly recommend Susan Rich.

  4. I’ve known Susan Rich since I moved back to Portland a few years ago, but had never heard her give a presentation. I had the great fortune and pleasure to hear her presentation recently at the Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce. Susan has EXCELLENT information to share and does it in an informative and engaging way. If you haven’t seen her present, I HIGHLY recommend you find out where she’s speaking next. Even if you’re not in the job search, her tips about writing compelling copy are worth their weight in gold. She has written an awesome how-to guide that is full of tips and insights that is great to add to your personal resource library. The price is minimal compared to the insights you’ll receive.

  5. Susan possesses a skill I’d give most anything to own:
    she’s a brilliant wordsmith. I know of no one who could present me, or help me present myself, better than Susan can and did.

    The ability to succinctly say what needs to be said, in a compelling manner, is invaluable. Susan shares so much of what she’s learned by experience in her charming cover letter book/resource. She was a tremendous help to me in finding a new career in a different field—not an easy feat in our current economic times, nor at my age. I can assuredly say that her ideas and creativity will be of value to any and every one desiring employment.

  6. I was skeptical of the idea of paying someone to re-do my cover letter. I’m sure glad I did because I come across as a whole new person on paper after Susan took over. She truly delivers. If you read her cover letter in the mindset of a hiring manager you think: “WOW, I’d be a fool not to bring this person in for an interview!”

  7. I sent my cover letter, resume and application to CF online last night and they emailed me early today for a telephone interview on Friday. I was both shocked and delighted to get such a fast response. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes but wanted you to know they did take notice.!!! Your marketing skills work!!!
    Best regards,

  8. Susan – Thank you so much for all of your efforts last night and in preparation for the workshop. I found the meeting to be invaluable. I appreciate your insights and skill as a writer.

  9. “Susan’s cover letter writing workshop helped me write concise, effective, and powerful cover letters. I highly recommend any job seeker to take this workshop.”

  10. Your session boosted my confidence to powerfully communicate my skills and experience. I found the meeting to be invaluable, and left feeling that I have an advantage over other job seekers. I really appreciate your thoughtful approach, insights and skill as a writer. (feel free to edit for context)

  11. Hi Susan,

    It’s Maggie. I just downloaded your e-book and I want to thank you for the valuable information. I love the layout and the tons of tips and lessons.

  12. Hello Susan,
    I received your book “How to write a kick-butt resume cover letter” this week and I’m really learning a lot.

  13. “Susan Rich’s training was immensely helpful. As a recent graduate facing unemployment in highly-competitive and -employed Portland, I had become almost paralyzed by cover-letter-anxiety. Susan’s workshop helped me get over that barrier, and I now confidently write 3 times as many cover letters daily as I did before. Where others had solely said “Tell the employer why they should hire you in the cover letter,” Susan concretely and expertly demonstrated the process of HOW to do that effectively and creatively. Her sense of humor and quick wit made the workshop light-hearted and proved cover letter writing doesn’t have to be painful. I am impressed by her expert mastery of language and would definitely recommend her class to anyone — especially recent graduates.”

  14. Thank you so much! Your comments will definitely help me add detail to my cover letters and present a stronger ask in the future. I am looking forward to experimenting with my cover letter and hopefully seeing an improvement in my job search efforts soon. Thanks again for all the great advice.”

  15. “I highly recommend Susan’s innovative ideas on how to get your cover letters noticed and your resume read. All those who attended her presentation were excited by the concepts demonstrated. Several members stated that they landed interviews because of the cover letters they wrote after attending her presentation.”
    SB, Hillsboro, OR

  16. “My kick-butt cover letter has lined up telephone and in-person interviews like never before. She helped me analyze what employers need and matched it to what I can deliver. Wow! I feel I’m on track to my next career.”

  17. “Thank you for your presentation on cover letters. You were awesome, providing the right balance of skills/techniques and inspiration! Our participants loved your ideas for how to use journalistic writing techniques and personal stories to get the interview.”

  18. Susan is an EXPERT on writing cover letters! She made a presentation for the Welldiggers’ Professional Networking group on “Focusing Your Cover Letter Message.” She did a terrific job on helping people rewrite their cover letters to be directly on-point with the targeted job opening. I strongly recommend Susan to anyone seeking to improve their results in their job search.

  19. Hello Susan,

    A friend recommended your cover letter book to me. I just wanted to let you know I LOVED it. It was so helpful, and couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve written cover letter after cover letter over the last 2 years, with a good bit of success. But then I came across the job I’ve been hoping for forever… totally what I want to be doing… and I hit a real block. I just couldn’t get inspired to write my cover letter again…. and after so many I had thought I had it nailed. Your book was exactly the inspiration I needed to try a new approach. I’m way more excited about it now.

    Anyways, just wanted to thank you. I never thought I’d actually enjoy reading a book on the job application process.

  20. Never knew I needed a Kick-Butt Resume Cover Letter- Boy, I was wrong! This Book delivers!

    This book opened my eyes to how little I knew about resumes, resume cover letters and writing in general. Susan is a Master at cutting to the chase and helping the reader sell themselves. I learned a ton about writing in general.Susan uses humorous stories to teach all of us how to write clearer! If you’re looking for a job and are submitting resumes…get this book. It will help you sound smarter and better than you are! Her writing classes (I’ve attended two workshops in Portland, OR) are very good too.

  21. Susan Rich’s Write it Rich! How to Write a Kick-Butt Resume Cover Letter is a must read if you are looking for a job in today’s market! In it, she presents the key steps to getting your cover letter noticed over the 500+ other applicants who are undoubtedly applying for the same position. Yes, your cover letter must introduce you, but it must also grab the attention of those who are reading it … otherwise you will be delegated to the growing pile of letters that find themselves on the floor.
    In her well written and focused volume, Susan covers the keys to getting noticed for every position you apply for and how to rectify the top five mistakes most everyone is making when it comes to writing their cover letter: 1) What is your “Hire Me Message”? 2) How do you introduce yourself? 3) What is the compelling reason YOU should be interviewed. 4) It is not about YOU – It is about THEM and 5) What is your HEADLINE? Write It Rich addresses each of these issues and guides the job seekers to the successful way to address each one of these important issues.
    You can stand out – and Write It Rich will give you the tools so necessary in today’s market to secure that interview. For more information about this excellent resource, author, speaker and strategist Susan Rich, and comments from the many people who have successfully used her guidance visit her website at

    A. Nannette Taylor
    Leader – Gresham Library Job Search Group

  22. I’ve been to several of Susan’s live workshops where she walks job seekers through the process of getting the attention of recruiters, HR personnel, and other job gatekeepers by writing a powerful and engaging cover letter. Her commonsense approach, coupled with her state-of-the-art journalism training, helps to organize powerful and convincing arguments that set the job seeker at the top of the pile. I’ve watched as, time and again, those who apply what Susan teaches in this book to their own cover letters, get amazing results.

    A must read for job seekers and business owners alike..

    Barbara Saunders, Solo Pro Success Master
    Solo Pro Success | Solo Pro Radio

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