Book: YOU! Famous Speaker


YOU! Famous Speaker

If you come home from a networking event with a fistful of business cards and a handful of empty promises…
There is a better way!

It’s time to make your face-to-face efforts pay off with clients, not contacts.

YOU! Famous Author is a tell-all book that helps launch your speaking career. Folks found it so helpful it was nominated as one of the top small business books in 2013. 

Susan focuses in on exactly what speakers need to know to write great copy for their marketing materials. She loves words and it shows. Her information is creative and is hip to today’s communication style. It’s a must have book for speakers.
–Paula Richer, SheSpree

 Susan knows her stuff and is a wonderful public speaker. Susan is also friendly and approachable. This book is the one for you.
–Maggie Currie, Creedence Coaching



YOU! Famous Speaker

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Your One-Sheet – Think of your One-Sheet like a resume–you want to be ‘hired’ to give a talk, to share your knowledge. A well-crafted One-Sheet establishes your credentials and defines your areas of expertise. YOU! Famous Speaker walks you through the steps to preparing a One-Sheet that gets you booked.

Your Super Yes offer – It’s great to deliver a marketing speech (also known as a ‘free’ talk.) It’s even better when you make that compelling Super Yes offer–the one that makes people want to work with you today. Your Super Yes offer is how you come home with clients, not contacts. 

Your Pitch Letter – If your One-Sheet is like a resume, the Pitch Letter is like your cover letter: It summarizes your expertise and proves the value of ‘hiring’ you to deliver a presentation. This is the letter that connects you with the event planner, and explains: Why this talk, Why you, Why now! 

BONUS SECTION — How to build a presentation that sells your services. Learn how to organize your thoughts, pick a key message and then develop a talk that delivers meaningful content, not a blizzard of slides.

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