Freelance Freak-out!
It’s time to take the free out of how we make our living

Freelance Writer

If this is your first time visiting my blog, let me introduce myself: My name is Susan Rich. I am a copy writer and business strategist. And I am asking you to take the one step that will improve the status of our writing community: Please stop calling yourself a freelance writer.

Here’s why I hate the term:
Free immediately de-values you and the quality of your work.
Next you sound like you are lunging job to job (mindset change anyone?)
Third: If writers and designers are freelancers (those who acquire and serve clients one at a time) then so are insurance agents, financial planners, hair stylists, and coaches. Have you ever heard of freelance financial planners? Would they even dare apply such a label to themselves? Would a coach? Then why do you, creative solo pro?

There is nothing “free” about what you do. You’re selling more than words, you are selling a solution to a business problem. That makes you a strategist (you have the ideas) and a tactician (you have the skills to execute.)

Look at all you have to offer! Do you know how unique this makes you?

Most people are good at one or the other: strategy or execution.
Very few business owners are good at delivering this combo consistently, and with measurable results.
Oh, but you can, and you do, time and again.

You are not freelance, you, we, all of us, are so much better.
(R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to we!)

Say instead, “I am a paid professional writer.”
Don’t forget to mention your strategic excellence, how you solve a client’s problem in a way that no one else can.

Please share your thoughts.