Because what I really want to do is art. Write short stories. Quit talking about HOW TO WRITE something and get on with DOING IT.

Life is a ladder we all learn to climb

Welcome you, welcome me.

Remember all those other posts about writing and editing and marketing? You might if you’ve been following me. If not, eh, it doesn’t matter anymore.

Those magical words on how to write copy or market your book? Blown away. Gone. Dumped in the internet garbage like yesterday’s news. That was…liberating…!

Been there, done that. Time to move on.

Today I (we) herald a new beginning.

Back when I was a wee teen (somewhere in the eighty-greats) I started drawing fleas.

Those cheeky, thumbnail-sized critters provided a running commentary of my life, landing on countless scraps of paper, illustrating journal entries, and blaring How-To advice on writing cover letters.

My fleas finally made it to the BIG TIME, when I started performing weddings for the LGBTQ community. I used their androgynous selves to express my hard-held belief that love is wonderful in every form.

Life is short, love who you want.

PS — that’s more true now than ever before.

Flea Bites c: Susan Rich 2019

So what happened next?

Life got in the way, as it always does.

I retired. Dropped my business like a dirty sock (that was hard, even if being self-employed often stinks just as badly). Started writing fiction. Launched myself on Wattpad. Decided to write my memoir. (That’s still chugging along and you can read it as a work-in-progress here. Or maybe even on this blog.)

Ah, but those fleas. There was (is) no room in a wordy-world for flighty fleas.

So I decided to create one.

Stay tuned, because that’s all I got.

For now.


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