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How to Write a Kick-Butt Resume Cover Letter

My name is Susan Rich, author of the groundbreaking book,
How to Write a Kick-Butt Resume Cover Letter.

This book is for you: unemployed, underemployed, unhappily employed corporate doo-bee,
college grad, or high school graduate.

My approach works if you are in transition, been out of the workforce a few years
or want to change careers.


Discover do-it-how, do-it-now strategies that

  • Help you land the perfect job
  • Apply for graduate school or advanced studies
  • Write fundraising letters or grant applications

End the job search. Write the cover letter that gets you seen. Buy Now. 

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Why I wrote a book about cover letters:

Once upon a time I (re-)started life as a writer-for-hire. I wrote a boatload of cover letters, one for every job. After a time, I started questioning the process. Being a creative, I started drafting letters that told the story I wanted to tell, in a format that made the most sense to me. I started getting more jobs. And I kept refining the process.

A few years later, I was invited to give a talk on how to write a LinkedIn profile.

“Sure,” I said, ever quick on my feet and letting my mouth run before common sense could catch up. “But wouldn’t job seekers be more interested in how to write a cover letter?” 

A week later I was giving an off-the-cuff talk on how to write a cover letter. I say “off-the-cuff” because this was 2009. The economy was a black hole. I was a writer-for-hire, a freelancer. While my challenges were significant, it wasn’t the same as what traditional job seekers–those who were watching whole professions get slashed–were enduring. 

I stood in front of 40 people, with my handful of slides, blithely blending marketing ideas with job search strategies. My knees were shaking. I expected to be pelted with beer nuts and harsh questions: What did I know about writing a cover letter? Didn’t I know there were a bazillion books on the market covering the same darn thing?

I didn’t, actually. And when I found out how many books there were, I decided NOT to add my voice to the pile.


That one talk led to one workshop. And another. And another. Those sessions helped displaced professionals–many of them in their 40s–find new jobs. Or at least land temporary fixes that helped them ride out the storm. 

Word of mouth spread. My workshops remained full. The request for my book increased. I still had NO intention of writing this book, but I had graduated to telling people it would be out, soon.

Um. That’s called lying. I try not to do that, so one hot August day I put fingers to keyboard.

My clients were a huge help. They allowed me to use their letters as examples. Since I’m a marketing copywriter, not a career coach or HR Pro, I asked for their expert input. When I got my share of gold stars, I self-published.

Guess what? It was the book the world was waiting for (ha ha, every writer says this.) Still: I landed several television and radio interviews.

I spent three years teaching at Dress for Success; they still use my materials today. The professional accolades go on but the HAPPY ENDING is the hundreds of job seekers who ended their job search by following my step-by-step strategy for writing a Kick-Butt Resume Cover Letter. 

Personally? The book counts as my best achievement. Nothing, absolutely nothing, feels better than helping folks find a way out of unemployment and into a better future.

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How to Write a Kick-Butt Resume Cover Letter is a PDF file, value priced at just $10. Your purchase also includes an audio file. Be sure to enter the coupon code: KBCL  

The book is also available on Amazon, but if you buy there, two things happen: One, I pay a hefty commission. Two, you don’t get the audio file unless you contact me directly. My website is SSL encrypted, safe as can be. I understand the perils of buying online. Believe me, I take all precautions to make your buying experience top-notch and safe.

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Yes, you can hire me to help you with your letter. But the really cool thing about my book? You won’t have to.

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